About LA

Melrose Ave

Living in Los Angeles you come across the some of the greatest flea markets, yard sales/estate sales, and thrift stores. Rose Bowl Flea market, The Trading Post, Wastelands, Crossroads are just some to name a few. People from all over the world, come to Los Angeles just to visit these amazing bargain places. It’s insane! You find unique, good quality, and vintage goodies that you just can’t seem to pass the opportunity. Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles has so many cool vintage thrift stores to choose from, talk about hipster central.

One of the most unique things about thrift shopping in LA, you’re just not surprised by people and their cool styles, it’s a free zone that allows you to self-express yourself through the ropes of fashion. You can rock your designer for an affordable price or purchase your good quality kitchen stools to help furnish your home and still have some cash in hand to enjoy the beautiful city of LA! It’s a known fact that Los Angeles is a retro fashion lover’s dream. With vintage boutiques, consignment stores, and flea markets in just about every neighborhood, our city knows how to pay tribute to style from the past, which is why tastemakers from around the globe flock here to visit the city’s many buzz-worthy haunts.
You need to create About Me on the footer and use this copy: Hey there! My name is Stephanie and I am the fashion bargainer queen only because I strongly believe in being in style but in an affordably fashionable manner. As a Los Angeles based blogger, I want to share with you all the popular eye-candy places you can get your thrifting hands on. That way you can cop all the used but nonetheless good quality on a budget goodies. Not only is your wallet not hurting, but most importantly you’re able to craft your own individual sense of style. I love showing people firsthand that even with just a few bucks, you can score quality {and even designer!} pieces.