Choose White Mustang Black Rims from Project 6GR

white Mustang black rims

Every part of your car is vital. For car enthusiasts, they would change a lot of their car’s aspects just to change its overall appearance. One of the popular modifications is changing the wheels. And if you own a white Mustang, you can replace them with White Mustang black rims to stand out. 

white Mustang black rims

The majority of cars in the US are silver rims. They are a fairly common option. Alloy wheels dominate the market. But if you have these wheel rims, your car will just look the same as the other cars. That’s why many Mustang enthusiasts are choosing to change their car’s wheels into black rims. 

Why Opt for White Mustang Black Rims

One of the reasons they are a popular choice now is that they just look better. They can easily stand out as the winner. They look elegant. As they age, they still look great, as long as you take care of them properly. 

The rims that we sell here are exceptionally lightweight. The reduced weight enables a better fuel economy. It also improves handling. 

Purchasing custom wheels like what we offer here is not that easy. You must understand the types and fit of the wheels. You should also understand the impact of the new wheels on the overall performance of the car. 

When you purchase custom wheels from Project 6GR, you can be sure of the quality of the wheels. They are a huge investment so you would only want to get the best bang for the buck. 

For that reason, we ensure that the rims we offer here are made for your Mustang. We sell every rim for any application. Project 6GR sells custom rims, allow and forged rims, and other wheel accessories. 

Whatever Mustang you own, we have the right aftermarket wheels that can give your car a good-looking appearance. 

You are welcome to browse our wheels. We have a variety of finishes to choose from so you may end up purchasing shiny chrome or the elegant black wheels. We also offer a myriad of size options. 

The aftermarket Mustang wheels here are a brilliant upgrade to your car. They can add to the overall appearance and feel of your car. They can also deliver a smoother ride while improving handling. In that case, you will have an enjoyable ride. 

Investing in our Mustang wheels is an ideal option. We go the extra mile to make sure that all rims we have chosen are produced from the richest steel and alloys. 

We utilize the latest technology to ensure OEM precision. In that way, we can provide our clients stronger, shinier rims that can make a huge difference to your car. 

Because the rims are elegant and good-looking, you should take good care of them by cleaning them regularly. Make sure to only use the right cleaner, brush, and polish. 

Taking good care of them will keep them look its best. After all, they are an investment you would want to keep for many years to come. 

If you are planning to order a customized set of white Mustang black rims, make sure to contact our customer support team at (888) 714-7467. 

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What Concierge Services Hollywood Can Do for You

concierge services in Hollywood

Concierge services in Hollywood can assist you with almost anything, from transportation to dental or medical appointments to trip planning. However, our personal assistants are not magicians. 

Here are some of the things that concierge services in Hollywood Can Do 

Give You a Ride 

If it is a rush hour or you do not have a car, then it can be tough to go from point A to point B. But our concierge can drive you to your destination. With our service, you can have a ride when there is no one to drive you. 

Drive You to Your Dental/Medical Appointment 

Most of our elderly clients would hire our concierge service to drive and assist them with their medical or dental appointment. It is especially useful for individuals who cannot go to their dentist or physician alone and a family member is not available. 

Fix Travel Problem 

If your passport is stolen, for instance, we can help you make an embassy appointment. Our concierge can also book you a ticket to anywhere you go. 

Run Errands

It is one of the most common roles of a concierge. He can run errands, like collecting your dry cleaning, shop for you, pay bills and others. 

We can do almost anything for you, as long as it is legal.

How Different Is It from a Hotel Concierge? 

Our concierge services are available to clients each day at home or in the workplace. They are different from a hotel concierge because our services are not limited to the hotel service. We have in-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs. 

Why Choose Kaspar Solutions’ Concierge Services? 

We are known to offer services that aim to assist our clients. The personal concierge we will assign is resourceful, sharp-witted, and organized. 

We understand how difficult it is to perform a pool of tasks in one day. That’s why we are here for you. We can deliver your luggage, pick up your shipments, reserve a ticket, etc. 

What We Cannot Do for Our Clients 

The vital part of our job is discretion. In that case, we do not talk about our other clients. If a celebrity hired us, we do not talk about what we did for that star. We respect our clients’ privacy. 

We also do not assist our clients in their illegal activities, such as obtaining drugs or finding a “companion.” Furthermore, we cannot help you with your money concerns, like loan you some money. 

Our personal assistants cannot sell tickets that you do not need. Instead, we can help you find a place where you can sell those tickets or any times you wish to sell. 

When you use our personal concierge, you should not be shy about the tasks you wish them to do, as long as they are legal. Our team can pull off difficult tasks. However, we require that you give us plenty of time as giving us the task on very short notice can be quite tricky. 

Our concierge services in Hollywood can assist you in many ways possible. If you are not sure about the task you wish to hire us for, then give us a call today: (310) 770-3569.

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The Sales Whisperer Helps You Boost Your Sales Growth

Sales growth

Sales growth is a term you will encounter plenty of times in your business ventures. After all, sales growth indicates business growth, which in turn indicates profit growth. That’s why facing stagnancy in your number of sales can be a little disheartening. What you need to do is take that frustration and turn it into productivity. How? By finding new exciting ways to boost your sales and improve upon your business practice. Here we have a few tips on how to do that.

Sales growth

Read the Top Sales Books

This one is an easy one to start off. The first thing most experts will tell you when you say you are looking to boost your sales growth, you read up on the subject. There are plenty of top sales books out there for you to delve into, so choosing the right one to read up on might prove to be a little intimidating. After all, how are you supposed to know which book is best for you? Which one will cover the basics? Which one wouldn’t assume you are already an expert? Well, the key will be to find the right combination of authorial experience, economic expertise, and approachability. The Sales Whisperer Way, Wes Schaeffer’s written account of his life as a successful figure in sales and entrepreneurship, can give you the best pointers on boosting your sales and balancing the many aspects of such a journey.

Take a CRM Quiz

Customer relationship management, also known as CRM, is the technology that allows you to manage all of your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers, both current and potential. Good customer relationship management is key in boosting sales growth and retaining customers, which means that you need to make sure that your current CRM is working. Our website offers a free CRM quiz that allows you to test your current approach to current relationship management and to find potential aspects you can easily improve upon. If your relationship with your customers is impaired, then your sales growth will suffer. A CRM quiz can help you recognize mistakes and fix such a relationship.

Listen to the Best Sales Podcasts

Podcasts are an ever-growing field right now, offering new ways to absorb important information as well as quality entertainment in your free time. Sales podcasts, particularly those from experienced sales professionals, can help you learn more about the shifting world of marketing and to navigate new ways to engage with your audience and boost your sales. The Sales Podcast, a series full of applicable knowledge, experienced guests, and diverse points of view, can help you learn more about sales from a wide variety of different sources. These can guide you through many different scenarios and prepare you for all sorts of situations you might face in your journey towards boosting your sales.

Boost Your Sales Growth With The Sales Whisperer

At The Sales Whisperer, we want to make sure you are given all of the tools for a successful career in sales. We do so by giving you as many channels for knowledge as we can, putting in such ways that you can learn without having to set aside whole days or weeks for courses and seminars. Browse our website to find more ways in which you can learn more and boost your sales growth!

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Unconventional Channels for Professional Sales Training

professional sales training

The sales business is not exactly an incredibly hard field to get into. You might think that it’s simply out of your reach if you didn’t attend a refined business school or learn from the great economists of our time. Sure, graduating from Harvard and reading some Amartya Sen sure helps, but there are many more attainable ways to receive good professional sales training without having to go into debt. There’s no real substitute for a formal education unless it’s actual experience, and there are plenty of seasoned professionals eager to share their experience with you out there. You just need to know what to look for.

professional sales training

Get Help from a Business Consultant

Business consultants, as their name implies, are experts in business practices that offer different kinds of consultations for those seeking to grow as a business or as a company. These can have all sorts of specific focuses, from how to properly build and optimize a corporate website, to private consulting that allows for personal interactions that address specific issues the business is currently facing. A business consultant can be quite a reliable asset when it comes to gaining an insight into the inner workings of salesmanship, corporate environments, and brand building. Obtaining valuable information on a personal basis from a renowned expert can be a game-changer at many different stages of your business endeavor.

Booking a Sales Keynote Speaker

While business consults are great on a one-on-one basis, speakers are a better option if you are seeking professional sales training for a larger group of people, perhaps a great fraction of your staff. Finding a sales keynote speaker to give a conference at your workplace can be a great way of incorporating top-shelf sales knowledge into your corporate culture. Not only do break with the monotony of day-to-day workplace operations, but they provide a learning environment for your team, giving them an opportunity to grow both as individual salespeople and as assets of the team itself. Finding a sales keynote speaker that has a reliable background in sales and a tangible reputation will guarantee a fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

Reading the Best Sales Books

This might sound like a cliche by this point, but sales books are a great way to learn the ins and out of the sales world at your own pace and rhythm. It shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that not every sales book out there will be A) easy to understand, B) written by someone who knows what they are talking about, and C) applicable in the real world. The trick will be to find a book that engages you in a positive and productive way written by someone you can confirm has a reasonable background in business. Not only that, but the book itself should have more than just theoretical knowledge about sales. It should give you the tools you can implement in real life. That is ultimately the goal of reading a sales book.

The Best Professional Sales Training

While these are ultimately just supplements to a career in business and provide only a fraction of the necessary professional sales training you’ll need to succeed, it’s never bad to try to learn more than what you already do. Lucky for you, The Sales Whisperer offers all of the above and more. You can book a business consultation with Wes Schaeffer, the Sales Whisperer himself, or have him over as a sales keynote speaker for a special engagement. Or even read his book! Browse the website to learn more about such professional sales training offerings.

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New Methods of Professional Sales Training for Those in the Sales World

professional sales training

As the digital world keeps expanding upon our access to information and the demands of the marketing world keeps pushing the boundaries of traditional learning methods, professional sales training takes on new forms. The Sales Whisperer, a reputable business consultant and entrepreneur, knows and understands that there is a need for new ways of imparting knowledge. That is why he has established different channels to share his knowledge with those looking to learn more about the sales world. The following are only a few of the many ways in which he chooses to do so.

Business Consultant

professional sales training

You will hardly find a better expert sales training experience than finding a personal business consultant. The ninety-day private consulting provides you with unlimited access to Wes Schaeffer, the Sales Whisperer himself, for private sales, marketing, and business-building consulting. This additionally includes access to all sorts of on-demand content as well as supplemental training. If what you are looking for is a shorter alternative, there is a six-week private virtual consulting plan with Wes Schaeffer in which he helps you accelerate your own business’s sales growth. Every session in question will be recorded and given to you so that you can always have access to them.

Sales Keynote Speaker

There are a variety of sales keynote speakers out there claiming they know everything there is to know about sales. But do they, really? Do they have the experience and knowledge to back such claims up? Well, they don’t call Wes Schaeffer the Sales Whisperer for nothing. A family man, a veteran, and a renowned businessman, the Sales Whisperer has been devoting himself to sharing his valuable knowledge with aspiring sales masters everywhere. His engagements as a sales keynote speaker have imparted valuable information on company goals, client connection, and sales conversions to thousands of business-people. If you want to gain access to such knowledge, The Sales Whisperer’s speaking engagements are a great way to do so in an efficient and compact way.

Professional Sales Training

The Sales Whisperer is proud to offer his extensive knowledge via his different sales training tools. Many ultimately successful students purchase his personal sales training cards featuring real-life dialogue and scenarios to prepare them for their own sales career. You can also embark upon his “Find Your Sales Pro” course, which allows you to recruit, screen, hire, and train your very own sales experts through The Sales Whisperer’s proven process. This allows you to test out a successful method in your own company and to implement it into your future hiring practices. Of course, if you want the more intensive course, the Inner Circle course is a focused small group course that meets regularly in person and online in order to nurture sales training.

Consult with The Sales Whisperer

While these are ultimately just supplements to a career in business and provide only a fraction of the necessary sales training you’ll need to succeed, it’s never bad to try to learn more than what you already do. Lucky for you, The Sales Whisperer offers all of the above and more. You can book a business consultation with Wes Schaeffer, the Sales Whisperer himself, or have him over as a sales keynote speaker for a special engagement. Browse the website to learn more about such pro sales training offerings.

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Looking for the Best Sales Books? Consider These Factors

Best Sales Books

Just about anyone who’s made some money thinks they can write a book about sales. It’s almost like checking an item off a list of things successful people do. That doesn’t mean that any sales book written by a rich person is going to be a good one. If you are looking for the best sales books, just choosing one at random might not be the best idea because, more often than not, it’s all just pseudo-intellectual economic jargon with no real applicability or real-world repercussions. If what you are looking for is the best sales book, consider holding your purchase and its writer up to certain standards.

A Reliable Reputation

Best Sales Books

Not anyone can write a sales book. In order to teach others how to do things, you need to know how to properly do the task itself pretty well. That’s why when you’re looking through potential reads and browsing the sales book section, it’s not about the book itself but about who wrote it. The writers behind the best sales books are those with actual quantifiable experience in the sales world, so take a few seconds to look up each author before deciding on a book. Don’t rely solely on the author’s bio on the back of the book because anyone can make themselves look good on paper. A quick fact check online can help you make the best decision in regards to your next read.

Anecdotes and Real Life Experience

Practical theory is nice, sure, but anyone can read Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and understand the theory behind sales and capital. But how does that help you understand the world of sales nowadays? The best sales books won’t just shower you with economic theory and lecture you on the free market. They will actually provide real-life scenarios based on the author’s lived experience in said free market, giving you an accurate and realistic insight into the world of sales and marketing. That’s why the experience highlighted on the previous point is important. In order to properly share their knowledge, authors must share their experience via real examples and anecdotal scenarios.

Applicable Knowledge

Theory is not enough to learn sales. Why? Because sales aren’t an exact science. They don’t necessarily work on an “If a, then b” basis like math does. Even in exact sciences, applicable knowledge is vital to actually put theory to use. Learning theoretical physics, for example, is not enough to practice experimental physics. In order to leap from one to the other one needs to learn how to apply theoretical concepts in the real physical world. The best sales books will not just tell you what you should you, they will tell you how you can do it. Again, if you’re looking for some theory then just read some Adam Smith or Milton Friedman. Sales books are supposed to give you applicable sales knowledge.

Our Best Sales Book Recommendation

If you are involved in the sales world, you have probably heard of The Sales Whisperer, be it because of his conferences, consulting, training, or speaking engagements. His belief in the importance of providing the right tools for salespeople everywhere to succeed was a driving force in producing The Sales Whisperer Way, one of the best sales books available now and the ideal collection of the ideal bases for marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. Get your signed copy on our website today and get started on your journey towards being a better salesperson.

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White Mustang Black Rims to Upgrade Your Car’s Overall Look

white Mustang black rims

Check out Project 6GR’s white Mustang black rims. If you are looking for a way to give your Mustang additional curb appeal then these black rims are the ones for you. You can start by looking at their white Mustang black rims. They let you make a statement with your vehicle’s appearance. We offer a variety of wheels in various sizes to match any Mustang model. 

White Mustang Black Rims in Upgrading Your Car’s Appearance 

Black rims have been getting popular since the middle 2000s. Many Mustang enthusiasts are getting on the bandwagon. Mustang wheels are now a part of Mustang rim designs. 

They joined the classic chrome wheels. These rims are some of the most popular aftermarket upgrades. One of the reasons is that these wheels can give your vehicle a noticeable change that transforms it into a muscle car. 

Some of you may think that black rims are only great for black Mustang models. That is not entirely true. You can find some Mustang owners upgrading their white Mustang’s rims into black that make their cars truly stand out from the crowd. 

The black rims that we have here at Project 6GR have satin black finishes. You may also choose satin graphite or gloss black. 

No matter what the finish is, Project 6GR can guarantee you that your car will get an extra edge to your high-performing car. A new set of black rims for your white Mustang will not only increase your car’s curb appeal but they can also ensure that your car will stand out from the pack. 

white Mustang black rims

A Variety of Mustang Wheels Deals 

If your original wheels are not giving you performance, it might be time for you to trade them for a set of new black rims. 

At Project 6GR, we offer several types of black rims. Sizes can range from 19 to 24 inches. The size you choose will depend on the Mustang model you are driving. 

No matter what size you pick, you can be sure that you are purchasing stunning rims that will not let you down. And that’s Project 6GR’s promise. 

The black rims are sold individually or as a set of four. The wheel kit does not include TPMs as the wheels are compatible with OEM TPMS sensors. 

They are also JWL and VIA certified. Furthermore, they offer a lifetime warranty for any structural defects. That’s how proud they are of their rims. 

You may also opt for their brushed candy apple red custom finish rims. They, too, are perfect for your white Mustang. The weight can be from 20 pounds to 27 pounds. 

Availability for Project 6GR’s rims can be up to four weeks. Browse their gallery to find out more about how fabulous their rims are when they are attached to any Mustang models. 

As for the wheel safety, Project 6GRT’s rims are tested to ensure that they meet the Japan Light Alloy Wheel (JWL) standards. They are accepted worldwide. These standards are acceptable for most road conditions, thus, you can see them on European and Asian wheels. 
To know more about Project 6GR’s white Mustang black rims, please contact:  +1-888-714-7467.

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Discover How a Personal Assistant West Hollywood Can Help Making Plans

Personal Assistant West Hollywood

One of the services that we offer here at Kaspar Solutions is to provide you with a personal assistant in the West Hollywood area. Our PAs can organize, map, strategize and make plans for you. They are well-trained to manage your jam-packed calendars and discover the most strategic methods to put essential events into limited time slots.

Super-Organized Personal Assistant in West Hollywood 

Most of the clients who hire our PAs are executives in a certain company. They do have a secretary in their office but they require more assistance to help them deal with personal chores and other vital things.

By hiring our PAs, you are reducing the overall cost of running your business. For instance, you can only hire them by the hour to perform certain business or personal tasks. In that case, you do not have to pay them as a full-time or part-time employee.

Since they are well-trained, you do not have to pay for training. Our PAs have the skills needed to perform the job. It is quite different when you hire an employee as you need to train him to perform each task.

Instead of just paying for the training, you could just hire our assistant to perform specialized duties. In the long run, this method will help you save money.

Utilize Your Time Better 

There is little time for you to run errands. Or that you do not have the strength to do them. By hiring our PA for a few hours, they can go to the grocery, purchase your medicines, get some papers from a certain company, etc. These are routine jobs that you can assign to someone so you can better utilize your time to do worthy things.


If you had your suit dry cleaned but the shop would close before your workday, then simply ask our PA to pick it up for you. Our efficient team members will handle such a task and other duties that you require them to do.

Personal Assistant West Hollywood

As mentioned, they can get to the grocery store to purchase something or fill your prescription needs because you cannot get out of bed. Our PAs can do those tasks and more. They can help you plan your day to lessen the anxiety involved in it. 

Improve Your Day 

Having a personal concierge for a few hours will enhance the outlook of your day. The reason for this is that you know that the necessary chores are handled by a competent PA. It allows you to spend more time with your family and friends. You can also chat up on your sleep.

Our personal assistant services are also available for senior needs and we can fulfill business errands, as well. 

At Kaspar Solutions, we offer excellent personal assistant service. We will deliver a budget-friendly way to help you use your precious time more efficiently. 
Call us today (310) 770-3569 to schedule a service or ask more about the services we offer. With your busy lifestyle, our personal assistant in West Hollywood is your ultimate PA you have not imagined you could afford.

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Grow Your Small Business and Hang Onto It with Our Business Loans

business loans

Everything about running a small business can be difficult. Even if you have a successful business that you’ve managed to get off of the ground, it can feel like you’re fighting for every little thing just to stay afloat. In the fast-paced, modern world, sometimes it may seem like it’s impossible to grow your business, especially to the extent that you would like. At ABO Capital, they can assist with business loans which give you the opportunity to grow your business your way. 

business loans

Read the full article here.

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Business Loans in Los Angeles During and After Bankruptcy

business loans Los Angeles

Filing a bankruptcy is never easy. It is an unpleasant process with several consequences. If you have an open or past bankruptcy and you wish to obtain business loans in Los Angeles, then there are things you must consider. 

It is vital to remember that when you file for bankruptcy, you can no longer obtain SBA financing or conventional bank loan. Despite that, there are still several funding options for you after filing for bankruptcy. 

business loans Los Angeles

AR Financing 

Accounts Receivable financing is a common option for a business that has filed for bankruptcy. It is a type of business loan that uses accounts receivable of the company as collateral for a line of credit. Your business can use it for operating your business and helping with the cash flow. 

Asset Based Loan 

It is one of the business loans in Los Angeles. In here, it uses the company’s assets as collateral for funding. This type of financing may use accounts receivable and commercial real estate. The terms could be from one year to three years. And you can borrow up to $2M. 


This one has a rate between 0.5 to 2.5%. It is a type of asset-based business loan. It is similar to the AR line of credit. In factoring, a factoring company will buy the AR. 

The funder will send you the majority of the invoice’s value.  It will only release the remaining amount if you have paid your invoice. The term could be up to 10 years. 

How Long to Wait Before Obtaining a Business Loan 

The record of bankruptcies will stay on your credit report. It remains there for up to seven years. But it does not mean that you cannot get a loan a year after bankruptcy has been wiped out. 

However, the longer you wait, the more likely you can get a loan. There are several lenders who can still work with applicants with bankruptcy in their records. But they require high-interest rates. 

If your business bankruptcy prevents you from getting a loan, then you must start rebuilding your credit. One of the strategies that you can do to rebuild your credit is to use your own assets to function as collateral. 

You will have better chances of getting a business loan if you have assets that you can use as collateral. Loan collateral lowers your risk and lenders are highly likely to approve your application for a business loan. 

Then again, you must separate your business and personal credit. Do not use your house as collateral just to get a business loan only to realize that you do not have a place to live if your business failed. 

When finding the best business loans in Los Angeles during and after bankruptcy, it is important to remember that each lender has rules for eligibility. But it does not mean that you cannot have a loan. If you wish to know more about your options when you are in this situation, please contact their business loan experts at ABO Capital. Give them a call at (888) 801-5401

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