Newspaper or Online Classifieds?


Classifieds have been moving the independent markets since time immemorial and they still prove to be useful ways to sell and buy stuff in prompt and convenient ways. While still relevant, the venues for classifieds have definitely changed in recent years thanks to the nature of the internet and the way it influences our purchases and consuming habits. Should you go for newspaper classifieds, then, or for online ones? Let’s weigh in your options.



The thing you want to consider first when it comes to posting classifieds is their intended exposure. After all, you obviously want your advertisement to reach as many people as possible, right? It only takes one client to see the classified for it to be successful, but that doesn’t mean that you only want that one person to see it. Newspaper classifieds have wide exposure, sure, but it is limited to their subscription, which isn’t exactly ideal. As big as a newspaper can be, any classifieds posted on it will mostly be seen solely by those in their subscription roster. Online classifieds, on the other hand, have a much wider reach than newspapers, and more so now that so many newspapers are switching to online platforms as print declines. 


Like advertising, classifieds can be an investment. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to actually pay for them. You almost always will have to pay in order to post ads on a newspaper, but there are actually plenty of websites online that offer classifieds for free. And since you are trying to make money and not to waste it, these are much more viable options for you to sell stuff or promote your services. While sometimes it will be worth it to invest in better classifieds, depending on what it is that you are looking to advertise, more often than not it will prove to be a much better option to just seek out the free avenues instead, which will be mostly available online. 


Now you have to consider which one will ultimately be more convenient to both you and your audience. When it comes to newspaper classifieds, for example, you will be dealing with the newspaper and their due process for posting classifieds, which can prove to be a hassle if you want to post the ads quickly and on your own terms. Not to mention that most people in your targeted audience won’t exactly seek out newspapers if they want to look at ads. It’s just not the most convenient. When it comes to online classified venues, however, you can more often than not post your ad on your own terms, quickly making it readily available to anyone who uses a search engine to find what they are looking for.

Online Classifieds

As far as relevancy and exposure go, you can hardly do better than online classifieds. After all, people flock to the internet when it comes to finding stuff that they need and wish to spend money on, so you are already on the right track by catering specifically to them. At Classifieds Place, we want to make sure that your products and services are found by those who want them, so go ahead and post your ad.

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